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Web Design with HTML CSS & Bootstrap

Web Design with HTML CSS & Bootstrap 5 for Absolute Beginners

[ html, css & bootstrap ]

Web Design with HTML CSS & Bootstrap 5 for Absolute Beginners


  • DateOct. 18, 2021
  • Duration 7 Weeks
  • Days and Time Mon, Tues, & Thurs. Time: 9am - 12pm
  • Fee N150,000
  • Registration Status Registration is closed for this batch.


Html and Css are the fundamental languages of the web. Html provides the structure for the content while Css is responsible for layouts and presentation. This is where the journey into web development or design begins.


[Absolute Beginners]

This course target beginner websites designers. Designers who are not interested in backend development, at least not at the moment. As such, no deep coding/programming like javascript or python is covered. Sections in Bootstrap show adding javascript components to the pages though. But these are pre-made components, not custom-built. So you are not writing any javascript code.
The course covers HTML and CSS 'coding/scripting' very well. HTML and CSS are declarative scripts, not programming languages.


  • Understand the fundamentals of web design
  • Master Html and Css
  • Learn and master bootstap 5, using responsive grid and js components
  • Build and host websites
  • Host websites with cpanel and git(netlify and github pages)



  • Http Protocol & How the web Works
  • What is Html
  • Html Structure - Tags and Attributes
  • Your First Web Page
  • Head and Body Tags
  • Block level & Inline Tags
  • Container Tags Tags - Section and Div
  • Headings
  • Paragraph and Span
  • Image Tag
  • Anchor Tag
  • List Tag
  • ID and Class Attributes
  • Adding CSS to Html
  • Adding Javascript to Html

Css - Cascading Style Sheet

  • Introduction to Css
  • Basic Css Syntax - Selectors & Rules
  • Inline & Embedded Styles
  • External Styles - The Recommended
  • Css Comments
  • The Box Model - Margin, Padding, Border
  • Targeting Elements : ID, Class, Attributes
  • Targeting Elements : Scope(specificity)
  • Targeting Elements : Pseudo Selectors - first,last & nth child
  • Fonts, Color, Background, Opacity,Gradient
  • Bootstrap4: Elements,Typography, Layouts

Bootstrap 5

  • Introduction & Bootstrap setup
  • Colours & Typography
  • Buttons and Groups
  • Utility Classes
  • Containers and Rows
  • Responsive Layout with Grid
  • Navbars
  • Cards
  • Accordion
  • List Group
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Working with Forms
  • Tooltips & Modals
  • Drawer with Offcanvas
  • Dropdowns
  • Tabs
  • Build a Complete Website and Host it
  • DNS Records Setup and Domain Name

Students' Testimonials

5-star testimonial Wura Ogundipe
[fullstack development]

When I decided to switch career into Software development ,As a beginner I knew I wanted a place where they will hold my hands through the journey.. Of all places I went to make enquiries , Anchorsoft academy was the only place where I saw their burning passion for producing strong full stack developers...

I have spent 10 weeks now and I can say for sure it’s the best thing that has happened to me this year
I enjoyed the excellent delivery of lectures & Hands on python web development training .

5-star testimonial Emeka Mbachu
[fullstack development]

If you want to become a software engineer, or master the art of software development. Anchorsoft has experienced tutors that made me enjoy learning software development especially python.